Fascism and Young Adult Fiction

22 Nov 2015

Adrian Mack for The Georgia Straight:

Western pop culture is so comprehensively bathed in fascist thinking that our “entertainment” frequently looks like this, where one set of unlovable, super-militarized grunts is pitted against another, some nonsense about the fight for freedom is superimposed over top, and we’re expected to care about the difference.

“Excited” is not the word I would use to describe my feelings towards The Hunger Games IV: Mockingjay Part II: Electric Boogaloo. Sequels creep on their petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of recorded time. You can’t escape them. Eventually they show up as one of your Netflix Top Picks and you mindlessly watch a property dragged along without any of the same energy or cleverness as the original – and if you are very lucky, second – foray.

So yes, I’ll watch it. If only because the opening to Adrian Mack’s review is absolutely hilarious.

(Via Rob Burroughs)

The Style Guide: On Science Fiction Thrillers [Episode 16]

16 Nov 2015

A few years ago, Paper Street Theatre did “Improv: A Science Fiction Thriller” and we had an absolute blast taking the genre out for a spin. While Dave and I have talked at length about it, we thought that it deserved the Style Guide treatment – plus, it gave us a chance to chat about Ex Machina (which you really should see before you give this episode a listen).

Ultimately, episode 16 comes down to the fact that Dave and I are nothing more than “monkeys projecting meaning onto the objects around us”. Give us a listen and justify our banal existence, won’t you folks?

The Style Guide: On the BBC's Sherlock [Episode 15]

09 Nov 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Do we need any other justification for dedicating an episode of The Style Guide to Sherlock?

I think not. Of course, episode 15’s unusual title – ‘Two dogs, three dogs, and different things upon their face’ – needs some unpacking but rather than trying to deduce it for yourself you’ll have to listen to Dave to figure out what it means.

The Style Guide: On Christmas Action Movies [Episode 14]

02 Nov 2015

Paper Street Theatre’s holiday show this year is going to be their take on the Christmas action genre. To that end, you can come along with Dave and I as we show just how unhealthy our appreciation is for the Die Hard films – among Lethal Weapon, Batman Returns, and others, of course.

Respectfully, we understand that November isn’t December, but the Christmas season kicks off once Starbucks starts selling me the Eggnog Chai Latte. If nothing else, listening to this episode will leave you well prepared for the Paper Street show. You’re not getting too old for this, so load up your iDevice with episode 14, and discover why ‘I’m shocked that I’ve been enjoying Republican fantasies’.

Question Period: Episodes 13-16

31 Oct 2015

With the conclusion of the Canadian election, Canada’s Favourite* Political Podcast has moved to a weekly schedule. Outside of the election, we intend to keep delving into the interesting nuances of Canadian politics. Half the episodes, but you can still get your weekly does of Dave and Steve funtime.

The Style Guide: On The Decemberists [Episode 13]

26 Oct 2015

It is still early in the season, but Dave and I decided to switch things up a little bit and try our hand an analyzing a band and their oeuvre. While I enjoy them a great deal, Dave’s appreciation goes far beyond mere enjoyment. Case in point.1 As such, episode 13 of the Style Guide teaches us about The Decemberists, death by sea, and the fact that ‘they create the art that they want to hear’.

  1. Seriously, Dave’s Colin Meloy impression is delightful.

The Style Guide: On Back to the Future [Episode 12]

21 Oct 2015

When Dave and I refer to ‘The Trilogy’ we are making reference to Back to the Future. While I have suggested in the past that my personal favorite trilogy is something altogether unexpected, it is hard to deny the greatness that is Marty and Doc’s adventures through time. The best part? Nostalgia for eras that never really happened – including 2015!1

Fire up the time circuits, because we’re going back to episode 12 of the Style Guide where ‘It’s a period piece for the 1980s’.

  1. As an aside, the reason that we do not have hoverboards or Pepsi Perfect is because your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Doc Brown explained this pretty clearly at the end of the third movie, folks.

Question Period: Episodes 11 & 12

16 Oct 2015

Canada’s Favourite* Political Podcast was on the radio promoting ourselves, plus we answered two more questions:

The Style Guide: On Harry Potter [Episode 11]

12 Oct 2015

When you think about Dave and I, the first place your brain goes is magic and whimsy. So of course we channelled that fanciful wonder into an episode on the Harry Potter books. We do occasionally reference the movies, but our focus is on the series as J.K. Rowling wrote it rather than the Hollywoodified version of the story.

Expelliarmus whatever you’re doing right now; Accio your favorite podcast player; and give a listen to episode 11 of the Style Guide, ‘Did She Know Harry Was a Horcrux the Whole Time?’.1

  1. This might be the nerdiest sentence that I have ever written…

Question Period: Episodes 9 & 10

09 Oct 2015

Canada’s Favourite* Political Podcast answers two more questions this week:

  1. Perhaps our most contentious answer yet!