The 'Real' 'Problem'

24 Jan 2016

Edward Schlosser for Vox:

No one can rebut feelings, and so the only thing left to do is shut down the things that cause distress — no argument, no discussion, just hit the mute button and pretend eliminating discomfort is the same as effecting actual change.

I have an infinity of thoughts on this topic, but instead of wading into something that caused a bunch of debate – some thoughtful, some not – I will idly point you towards this piece and say “Hmm”. Campuses have long been cultural battlegrounds, but they are also becoming realms of increasing complexity. Questions of pedagogy and practice are a fool’s game.

Remind me what it is that my PhD work is aimed towards again? Oh right, questions of pedagogy and practice.

Well then.

The Style Guide: On Quentin Tarantino [Episode 23]

18 Jan 2016

Dave and I are big fans of the oeuvre of Quentin Tarantino, so we watched The Hateful Eight and discussed our way through that oeuvre – excluding, of course, Jackie Brown and Death Proof, because nobody really wants to talk about them anyway.[^1] Grab a tasty beverage and a Big Kahuna Burger so you can follow along as we’re “Talkin’ All Cool About Cheeseburgers”.

The Style Guide: On Cartoons [Episode 22]

11 Jan 2016

In our first episode back from the holiday break, Dave and I are joined by special guests Scott Thompson and Missie Peters. Four adults sitting around a table taking cartoons seriously. Catch the adventures of “Harley Quinn, Medicine Woman” and a wide range of other cartoons.

Question Period: Episodes 17-20

31 Dec 2015

Canada’s Favourite* Political Podcast is a bit abbreviated for this month, due to the holiday season, but you can still learn about O Canada and the always thrilling job descriptions of our political figures.

The Style Guide: On the Marvel Television Universe [Episode 21]

21 Dec 2015

This year we were treated to two television series: Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Set in the same universe and following similar premises, the shows ended up very different in how they ultimately explored the concept of B-list ‘supers’ living in a post-Avengers world. Unsurprisingly, Dave and I loved both series – although as much for their differences as their similarities.

Follow along as we explore “The spectrum of brooding” that is the Marvel Television Universe.

The Style Guide: On Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Episode 20]

14 Dec 2015

Did you know that a new Star Wars movie is on the way? If you didn’t, you may have been living under a rock on Mars.

That being said, Dave and I don’t have any inside information so rather than doing an episode analyzing the new film, we spent an hour talking about the trailers and the IMDB page. Both end up being surprisingly compelling. Okay, that’s a lie. IMDB pages are rarely compelling. Ultimately we came to the conclusion that “Most people could build a lightsaber”. Find out how on this week’s episode.

The Style Guide: On The Good Dinosaur [Episode 19]

07 Dec 2015

Every now and then, Dave and I want to be hip and cool and talk about what the cool kids are talking about. So this week, we did an episode on Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur. As it turns out, the cool kids were doing something else this week and had no interest in seeing a children’s movie that had the impossible task of living up to The Land Before Time.

Dave and I had a blast talking about it, although you can probably guess what we thought of it, given that we called it “The good enough dinosaur”.

The Style Guide: On Rick Moranis [Episode 18]

30 Nov 2015

Dave and I knew it would be hard to follow up our actor profile on Nicolas Cage, but after much debate we decided that Rick Moranis would be precisely the direction to go on in. He’s fun to watch, has a style all his own, and… as it turns out, didn’t do that many films.

Still, we had a blast talking about those that he did do. Join us in that journey, “Renting out Rick Moranis”.

Question Period: Episodes 17-20

30 Nov 2015

This month, Canada’s Favourite* Podcast delves into provinces, navigates through through history, and describes proper ballot procedures. As always, we enthrall, we excite, and we education. We’re the Triple-E Podcast.

The Style Guide: On Pixar [Episode 17]

23 Nov 2015

Does Pixar make great films?

Yes, yes they do. Dave and I discuss it in this week’s episode of Style Guide titled, “Hey adults in the audience, cry about this for a second”.